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Great Moments in Parenting: Write for us!

Great Moments in Parenting is a website where moms and dads commiserate, confess and celebrate the journey of real-life parenting.


Write in from the front lines of parenting. Send us your honest, deep or humorous essays about the agony and the ecstasy of life with kids.


Share your craziest, funniest, most embarrassing moment from your parenting journey. Keep it short and sweet. And don’t worry, this is a judgment-free zone!


Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it. Share your snapshots of utter chaos or sheer joy. Categories include “Messiness,” “A Good Day,” and “Costumes.”

Will my submission be edited?

We edit stories for length and grammar, but also for clarity, so the central theme of your piece comes through to a busy reader. If you have concerns about being edited, email the editor:

Can I preview my piece before it’s published?

Usually, no. If you email the editor (, this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. If it’s a major edit, however, the editor will clear it with you in advance.

How long will it take before it’s published?

It may take some time (from a day to a few weeks) to appear on the website. We will contact you when it does so you can share it with your adoring fans.

Can I promote my blog/website/book?

Sure! Just add your URL or book/blog title in a sentence at the end of your moment, essay or photo.

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