Halloween Costume x2

Getting Ready for Halloween


One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Apples? Oranges? Sperrys?

Where you your kids leave their shoes? Not in the fruit bowl we hope.

She’s Going to Graceland

Graceland: The only place on earth where a Mom gives her child encouragement to mark on walls.

My “mom” bookmark is a thermometer

The Indignity

High Flying Bingo Game

Queen Esther Wins Purim

First Time to Ski

Snow Day!


Christmas Star

The Worst Christmas Card Photo Ever

Tree Trimming

A Mother’s Purse

How do you know you’re a mom? When you arrive at the parent-teacher conference with moose jammies, a squash-covered toddler spoon, and a giant goggly eye in your purse… but no pen.

Baby Sam asks: “What fresh hell is this?”

I live in a meme.

A Thousand Words

Amazing how kids can say exactly what they’re thinking without using a single word.

Cannibal Run

“This is nice, son. What is it?”
“It’s me, running from cannibals.”
“CANNIBALS?! Where did you learn that word?”
(Thinking: First zombies, now cannibals. Lord help me.)
“Cannon balls, mama. What are cannibals?”
“Never mind. Hey, look at that!”

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