Getting Ready for Halloween



A picture of a girl scootering in summer.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

One kid's not loving the picture-taking process.

Apples? Oranges? Sperrys?


Where you your kids leave their shoes? Not in the fruit bowl we hope.

She’s Going to Graceland


Graceland: The only place on earth where a Mom gives her child encouragement to mark on walls.

My “mom” bookmark is a thermometer


The Indignity

the indignity

High Flying Bingo Game


Queen Esther Wins Purim


First Time to Ski

First Time to Ski

Snow Day!

Snow Day


Funny picture of a child

Christmas Star

Christmas Star

The Worst Christmas Card Photo Ever

worst Christmas photo

Tree Trimming

tree trimming

A Mother’s Purse


How do you know you’re a mom? When you arrive at the parent-teacher conference with moose jammies, a squash-covered toddler spoon, and a giant goggly eye in your purse… but no pen.

Baby Sam asks: “What fresh hell is this?”


I live in a meme.

A child's hand creeping under the door.

A Thousand Words

photo by lyann peterson

Amazing how kids can say exactly what they’re thinking without using a single word.

Cannibal Run


“This is nice, son. What is it?”
“It’s me, running from cannibals.”
“CANNIBALS?! Where did you learn that word?”
(Thinking: First zombies, now cannibals. Lord help me.)
“Cannon balls, mama. What are cannibals?”
“Never mind. Hey, look at that!”

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