Dear Men…Take the Photo

Take the Photo!

Happy New Year, Y’all!

New year child picture

Race You to the Bottom!


Two Roads Diverged in a Wood…

snow picture

Trying It On for Size

A boy tries on a mustache made of gears.

A boy tries on a funny tiny mustache.

Sunset on the Beach


Powdering the baby

Powdering the Baby

Picking Carrots


We All Scream for Ice Cream

We all Scream for Ice Cream

Twin Tube

Twin picture

Not So Much with the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Fear

Just Hanging Around

A girl hangs upside down on the playgroud.

Sleep Deprived/Sleep Depriver

Sleep Deprived Parent

And to All a Good Night

Peaceful night on the mountain in a ski town



Je suis l’Artiste!

Je Suis l'Artiste! baby picture

Found Heart

A heart made of rocks by a creek.

Chocolate or Poop?

Chocolate or Poop?

As I sat in front of the TV eating chocolate chips, one fell and I couldn’t find it. I figured my dog would find it, so no need to search. When I repositioned my son (who was sleeping on my lap), this is what I saw. My first reaction was: “How the EFF did he

No Way!

photo: Jennifer Moore

Easiest Halloween Costume

Halloween costume

Halloween Costume x2

Halloween costume