It’s Not You, It’s the Zipper!

photo by Arek Olek

I ordered a dress in a size smaller than I am for my daughter’s wedding, because:
A. I plan to lose weight before the wedding and
B. I didn’t want to have to hem it
So when it arrived I tried it on and asked my sweet little man, Tommy, to zip me up. As he struggled getting the zipper up, I asked, “Is it too tight? Does Mom need to drop a few pounds?”
He reassured me, “No, no, no, it’s not you. They just make these stinkin’ zippers so small these days!”

Photo: Arek Olek

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  1. Michelle

    I love kids! And I love when they give you these special compliment nuggets. My favorite is when they grab your face and tell you something because it’s 100% true. My most recent nugget was “Miss Michelle [grabbing my face] you tell the best stories.” Melts my heart!