You Know You’re a Modern Mom or Dad When…

mother daughter head to head…your daughter sets up your smartphone.

Last weekend I graduated to my first ever smartphone. I was excited but a little nervous about having such a fancy machine.

My daughter had gotten wind that I had a new phone. “Mommy, can I use it please? Please?” She jumped up and down. “My friends have one just like it.”

“No,” I said.

“But Mom, I can help you set it up. You won’t know how.”

I wasn’t having it. I was just as excited about my first smartphone. “It should be easy,” I said. I mean, I helped install the first computer network in my old high school library 15 years ago when our computer jargon included “modems” and “bauds.” How difficult could it be to set up a smartphone?

I played with it for about 40 minutes. I clicked on keys and swiped windows and read the book, then re-read the book, swiped some more windows, clicked the same setting keys some more. “Honey, come here.” I yelled. “Have fun.”

“Really, mom?”

“Yes. Put some nice apps on it. Remember, only free stuff.”

She ran down the hallway. I grabbed my 2011 laptop (well, her laptop), pulled up my user account (which she set up for me with a nice kitten icon), watched “Mommy” scroll across the screen and went to my Google reader.

Five minutes later, she came running back. “You have a video camera. Watch, I recorded myself. Look at this App, too.” She held the phone in front of her face and talked while big lips on the screen matched her every syllable. “Oh, and I downloaded some ring tones.”

I shook my head. “You want to read my blog and see my blog hop pieces?”

“What’s a blog?” she said.

I smiled as she went back down the hall with my new phone. She might know how to set up a smart phone, but I know how to blog hop, so there is hope for me yet.

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  1. Brett Minor (@brettminor)

    My kids haven’t passed me yet, but my daughter is always mentioning internet things that I have never heard of. It’s pretty scary.

    Returning visit from A to Z.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist