Why We Got Door Alarms: Twins

Making his mark artistically

After our kids are asleep we turn off the monitor; the idea is, if they need us, they come to our room.

But one night, I woke to the sound of faint giggles. I didn’t look at the clock. I walked into the kitchen confused–all of the lights were on and all of the drawers were open.

My boys had gotten out of bed and gone to the closet where I have craft supplies in containers in drawers–not easily accessible. But they accessed it. And accessed it all over the closet, the guest room and themselves. Markers, colored pencils and SCISSORS across three rooms.

I put them to bed to deal with it in the morning… until I looked at the clock. 2:30am. Are You Kidding Me?! I yanked them both out of bed and had them scrub the walls until they were sleepy. The next day was a full time-out day with noses to the wall.


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  1. Carolyn Rae Williamson

    I thought it was safe to take a nap. When I got up, my toddler twin girls were “cleaning out” the refrigerator. They had taken a bite out of every slice of cheese and dropped a raw egg into the pitcher of orange juice before I caught them. Then I had to clean up.
    However, it got easier after the first year. I relaxed until I looked out the kitchen window when a car honked at my twins pushing their twin stroller right down the middle of the street.
    Carolyn Rae Author – facebook, author of Romancing the Gold, coming soon from Noble Romance Publishing