Tot Etiquette

Cute very young little boy or maybe a girl with curly hair attem

In the early years we spend plenty of time and energy teaching manners and etiquette to our little squirts.

Wash your hands–but sing the entire alphabet while doing so. What is this message we send? Don’t you ever wonder what our kids think of these signals we send? And why is it that “we” don’t sing the ABC’s while washing our hands? Believe me, these little sponges notice that detail.

They notice all the details.

My son was about three years old. And, like many young boys, he discovered burping was fun and drew a nice crowd. So he would burp loudly, wait until I spoke up, then excuse himself. (And repeat…)

One evening after supper he was playing in his room. Something very strange happened to him. Something that was a little familiar yet different in a couple of ways. It bothered him far too much.

He bolted from his room and came running to me. Tugging at my clothing, he was desperate to receive my full attention. I turned and said, “What is it honey?”

And I quote: “My butt just burped Mommy. Do I say ‘Excuse me’?”

Self discovery is major to these tikes.

Photo credit:  Some rights reserved by mikebaird

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  1. Jill @ Do Try This at Home

    Hey that’s exactly what my boy called it at that age!!!!