These Are the Days


My favorite days at home with my girls–ages 5 and 8-months–are the days when we go slowly. The days we lie on the floor of our kitchen and try to teach Annie to crawl by crawling around ourselves. The days I sit in the rocking chair in Annie’s sunlit room, with both girls on my lap, and read nursery rhymes. The days we spend extra time in the bathtub, Lucy telling me bad knock-knock jokes and Annie learning how water bounces off of her moving hand.

It’s not urgent, but it’s important. I will miss these days.

Photo copyright: Freckled Cat Photography.

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  1. Amanda @ queenofthelandoftwigsnberries

    In our house we call those jammie days, and my boys absolutely love them. I love how doing something so simple provides them with such joy and makes such wonderful, lasting memories. I wish I could just bottle it up!

  2. MOM2Three

    Love this! It’s so true–it’s the little things that make all the work worthwhile.