The Talk

girl with lightbulb

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on Facebook from parents struggling to have “the talk” with their children.

I didn’t find it that hard.

My daughter started asking questions when she was nine, always when we were in the car with her three-year-old sister. I had the best educated three-year-old in the country.

I kept expecting to get a call from the three year old’s daycare teacher that would go like this: “We know that the words she is using are anatomically correct, but we would prefer she not be sharing them with the other children.”

Before long I found myself explaining the mechanics of sex to my oldest daughter. I kept it to the physical mechanics of the process (tab A into slot B) at which point she asked,

“Mom, does the girl know the boy is doing this?”

Gotta love that innocence.

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  1. Full Spectrum Mama

    The other day a friend asked my children what marriage was. Boy did I get an earful. that is not appropriate for here 😉