The Pre-teen Shopping Wars

Photo by: Tat Schloer

I have found six key phrases to keep my pre-teen girl from buying clothing that I don’t like:

1. Wow, that is really cute! I love it! So cute!
2. Doesn’t ______ have that shirt, too? (Fill in the blank with any friend’s name or Miley Cirus.)
3. Super, they have that in my size too!
4. That reminds me of that thing you had when you were little … so sweet!
5. Yes, you can buy that and you can wear that, but only in your room with the door closed.
6. No.

DeAnne Pearson is a coach, writer and speaker for those who want to be deliberate about their success professionally and personally. She helps people create better careers and bolder lives. She is also a wife and mother of two kids who are now taller than her … yikes!

Photo: Tat Schlör

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  1. Stephanie Lewis

    That is just too funny! I’m dying to find out if that works with 17 year-olds too. I daresay “yes!”