The Night They Flooded the Bathroom…Twice

twin boys

I had some friends over one evening with the idea that once the kids went to bed I would have some girl time and wine time.

My three-year-old twin boys had been really great at going to bed–just laying and talking until they fell asleep.

I was gabbing with friends some two hours after I put them to bed when I heard the slam of a door and giggles. I left the comfort of my wine and couch to find that they had gotten out of bed, put everything in their sink and flooded the bathroom.

Furious but trying to keep my cool because I still had guests, I yelled at them in my most hushed voice and quickly cleaned up the mess to rejoin my friends.

We all had a good laugh and went back to socializing. An hour later, slam of the door and giggles. They had once again gotten out of bed and flooded the bathroom and also emptied a whole tube of toothpaste.

My friends showed themselves out the door once Mama commenced screaming.

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