The Moment My Children’s Fashion Sense Blindsided Me

photo by Jen Preiss

I believe I have a good fashion sense. I have clothed all my children without someone questioning my taste. Even my own clothing has earned occasional positive reviews.

So I wasn’t prepared for my children to rebel, making shopping a grueling nightmare. I’ve had more fun at my yearly OB/GYN visits.

My thirteen-year-old son refused to wear anything but khaki cargo shorts and name-brand, dry-weave (dry what?) shirts. I found out later, dry weave means more money.

This was a harsh reminder that he’s growing up. I’m not naïve. His voice has changed and he has more leg hair than I do during winter months. Accepting his changes in clothing choice was a small bump in the road.

I moved on.

WHAM! I was blindsided when suddenly I had a front-row seat to my nine-year-old daughter’s Fashionista Debut. Miss Diva demanded her own style, turning down any suggestions from me. I was just her dutiful servant, pushing the cart and carrying her bags. I still refused to give up hope that I had some influence.

So the morning when she appeared in the outfit pictured here, I threw in the towel. There’s no going back from this.

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  1. Dawn Marcotte

    Welcome to the ranks – my daughter is also 9 and has a very strong sense of style. We won’t even talk about my 15 year old daughter who is appalled by what I wear to work – Apparently I look like a secretary. Did I mention that I am a secretary?

    • Jennifer


      I have greater moments ahead, I see. At least my 9 year old is not the only diva in this world. Love the teen’s stereotype. I would probably love your outfits. Sigh….We must stick together. Jennifer

  2. vicci

    I love her style. After all, she loves her shorts but knows she has to wear leggings with them in can’t wear them or can she wear shorts in elementary. . Enjoy, she’s a little doll…….

    • Jennifer

      Thank You Vicci. She is a doll…….or tries to be.

  3. One Funny Motha

    My daughter rebelled early. At the age of 5 I could no longer dress her (and she looked so cute, too!). What kills me is that I used to work in fashion (granted as a writer) at one of the most respected names in retail, but what do I know? No, my daughter much prefers the homeless chic look.

    • Jennifer

      I apologize for just now seeing this comment.
      An early rebel. Uh-oh! Well, I wish you all the best with this. the battle continues each and every day in our house.
      Homeless chic is in, right? 🙂