The Chips Fight


Photo by: Barbara Soul Flickr CC

Since we conceived our crying one year old, I’ve been very controlled about what I eat. I’m not a big meat eater but I force-fed myself protein the entire 41 weeks. Now, not one chip touches my lips due to my husband’s apparent need for them (he wipes out the pantry).

Today, I had broccoli and a protein bar. On my way home, I was getting a hunger headache so I thought, “Hmpf, I kinda want some dip.” I wanted the creamy, cheesy jalapeño dip a neighbor had made. I’d already skulked her Pinterest board for the recipe.

I decided I’m sick of eating convenient things like protein bars or gross things like soggy salad in order to tend to everyone else. I carefully prepared my dip so it could bake in the oven while I tried to satiate our insatiable son.

The boy was fed, my dip was done, and I looked in the cupboard. NO CHIPS.

I lost it. I rushed out the car and grabbed $50-worth of junk food I’ve stored in my trunk. I finally sat down and had my dip. Sometimes, when you’re a mom, it’s the little things. Plus now I have a secret stash to pick from!

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