Stepping Off the Parent Treadmill

Photo by: Leslie Gordon

Ever since having children, I’ve felt like I’m on a treadmill: getting through the days, trying to keep up with who needs what when (usually: everyone, all the time), all the while wondering what this is for, how it really works, and, of course, if I’m doing it right.

But last night I had a moment when time stopped moving for a second and I could see where I was:

The children were fed, bathed, hair-brushed, teeth-brushed and running around for a few minutes before book reading and bed. Everything was okay.

I gave props to my husband and myself: We were doing our job as parents, keeping them happy and healthy,even if we barely had enough energy to make eye contact anymore.

I wrote the moment down so I could pull it out next time I felt “The Chaos” threaten. I think it will be enough.

Photo: Leslie Gordon


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