This is What the Oregon Trail Prepared Me For

Photo: Lovelorm Poets

Day 07 of the fever sickness. It’s not the sickness but the isolation that will get you.

Nina has definitely had some flashes of being out of touch. I can only hope she will regain her social identity and leave this behind at some point. She has taken to pulling out hair (first from my head and then dolls’ heads) in order to floss her teeth. She has mad survival skills.

Maybe even mad as in crazy, not sure yet. We have floss and tooth picks available upon request.

Sophie is getting on the best she can.

We sought a doctor yesterday. The appointment was technically for Nina, but Sophie stole the show with an epic throw-up scene. As a testament to my love, I caught it in my hands.

Sometimes when people are in life-and-death situations they get Herculean strength so they can lift cars; I can totally relate to that now.

Sophie obviously is going through some stuff because she went to bed without a fight last night. She did, however, dream she was still embroiled in the nightly fight to not go to bed. When she cried and I checked in she was yelling, “I don’t want to sleep in her dream.”

Photo: Lovelorn Poets

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