Sh*tting on the Sheep

Soft Toy LambThe first two weeks of potty training were next to miraculous with our two-year-old. She had to go, she went. Repeat. The end. My (and my hubby’s) jaw dropped each time. No accidents. Could this be potty training nirvana?

Not so fast. Let’s go to week three, nap time. She didn’t settle down to sleep, which wasn’t unusual, but she was yelling extra loud and extra happily. I went in to get her to quiet down, and walked into an awful smell and even more awful sight. She was sitting on top of her stuffed sheep, bouncing up and down, underwear wet and seeping with poo. My proud two-year-old excitedly exclaimed, “I go on the sheep potty!!!”

Oh, that poor sheep. And poor me that has to clean everything and everyone up. Needless to say, diapers went back on at nap time.

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