No Return Policy

baby's bracelet tag

My three-year-old son stared in horror as I delicately cut my newborn twins’ hospital ID bracelets off with a manicuring scissors so I could scrapbook them.

As he burst into tears, I calmly reassured him that I hadn’t harmed his new siblings and, in fact, they slept through the whole thing. But that wasn’t the problem for a toddler who had been dragged on one too many bathing suit shopping trips with Mom.

“You took off their price tags,” he shrieked. “Now you can’t return them!”

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  1. Dawn Marcotte

    That reminds me of when our oldest wanted to trade her new baby sister in for a cat. She was heartbroken when she found out we couldn’t.

    • Stephanie Lewis

      Laughing…. No returns OR trade-ins in real life.

    • Stephanie Lewis

      Thanks for popping in and adding Joy! 😉

    • Stephanie Lewis

      Fancy meeting you here!

    • Stephanie Lewis

      We think so — the anecdote spread through the family like wildfire. Thanks for commenting!