Momma’s Still Got It

Mamma's Still Got It

We had family members visiting but one afternoon I was tired and in need of a shower, so I stayed behind while the rest of the crew went on their way.
I took a shower and decided to lounge on the couch in the living room buck-naked. The shades were drawn. No one was expected to show up. Just a bit of time for me and my lady parts to breathe. Ahhhh.
I made a phone call and was chatting away, spread-eagle, when the internet/cable repairman walks up to the front door. The front door that has a window directly next to it. A window that can only be seen through if you are standing right there at the front door, looking right into the living room, at the couch, to see me in my birthday suit. Awesome.
As soon as I realize what’s happening, I turn tail and run my naked ass into my bedroom. He knocks on the door and rings the bell and I pretend there is exactly no one home.
Eventually, he moves on.
Later in the afternoon, that same employee returns. The rest of the family is back, which includes other women who may or may not have been the ones exposing their business on the couch, so this time I confidently stay in sight.
When the repairman is done, though, he gives my husband his personal telephone number and lets him know that if we ever need anything, we should give him a call.

Boom. Momma’s still got it.

Photo: Diana Parkhouse

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  1. Helen

    I remember that day. And although it happened several years ago some of us still talk about that day with laughter.