Alles Klar?

RadioWe all know kids are listening attentively to things we say, especially when we’re absolutely 100% certain that their ears are nowhere near enough to pick up the sounds.

One of my first experiences with my daughter’s listening skills came when she was about two years old. My wife had left the house for an errand. As I often did when it was just me and the kiddo, I turned up the stereo to give us some background music.

“Der Kommissar” came on (the Fire’s version, not Falco’s, for you 80’s music geeks), and I sang along while my daughter ate her snack. The first time the chorus played, she paid no mind. The second time, however, after the vocalists and I sang, “Don’t turn around!” my daughter came through with a perfectly timed, “Uh-oh!”

I stopped what I was doing and looked at her. I wondered for a second if she had uttered an unrelated “Uh-oh” that happened to coincide with the song, but when I sang, “Der Kommissar’s in town!” she responded: “Uh-oh!”

That was the moment I knew, irrefutably, that my daughter was cool.

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