Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

With all the craziness of downsizing from 1600 sq. ft. home to a 320 sq. ft. trailer to see the lower 48 states in a year-long family road trip, I’ve had some control issues. This has caused the word “No” to come out of my mouth more often than I would like.

So when my daughter mentioned she missed the shaving cream experiment in science class and asked if she could recreate it at home, my first instinct was No. That will make another mess I’ll have to clean up. There may have been a couple of hockey sticks included in that No.

But instead, I said, “Yes.” I can’t explain why. I just knew that we needed a little “Yes” in our lives.

A “Yes” to chaos.” A “Yes” to mess.

Saying Yes is harder. For a mighty mess hater like myself, it can be a lot harder. But when they are grown, do I want them to remember a neat mom, or a “Neat!” mom? I want them to have memories of unencumbered silliness. So I am working on saying “Yes.” When I doubt myself, I’ll just look at this picture and know the Yes was worth the mess.

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  1. Erin Fangboner

    Why do these mess’s always seem to come right after you have scrubbed the kitchen clean? I can totally relate to downsizing we did that not too long ago.