Give Them the Holiday Bird

Baby's Holiday Bird

A few years ago we had an interesting experience at a major chain portrait studio where we took our first holiday pictures as a family. The photographer made a grammatical error on our holiday cards, but the biggest surprise came when we were looking at the pictures. The only picture of my daughter and I had her flipping the bird to the camera. The photographer didn’t even notice. Good thing we had a huge discount on the pictures and, since this picture will not be sent out, I share a laugh with my friends over it.

I am a local working Austin Momma, with a SAHD hubby, a preschooler and a new baby, who writes a blog under the moniker Momma’s Bacon. I write kids’ product reviews with a focus on empowerment.

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  1. Camer Ortega

    Ya know…If she was not giving the bird in the photo there would have been a many of a great missed laugh, and a good story for her when she is older.

  2. Steph Green

    What a riot! She will for sure get a kick out of that when she’s older.

  3. Susan Schweitzer

    When this pic arrived that year,I was so excited!! Then I noticed our lil Miss Brooke was flipping the bird!!! Made it all the more special to Memaw!!

  4. Agata Pokutycka

    Way to go little one.
    I bet she didn’t really enjoy the experience.
    but I am very surprise that photographer didn’t notice it

    • Mommas Bacon

      I was shocked, too! You would think a photographer would be clued in to babies and the possibility of a middle finger offense! Or perhaps my daughter was just a unique rebel who likes to photo bomb. Ha ha.

  5. Our Family World

    Well, it’s good you’re able to have a good laugh about it 🙂
    ~ Kimberly

  6. cindy b

    OMG that is too funny but such a cute pic! lol. Happy Holidays! xo xo

  7. idara wolf

    Haha this is hilarious!! Nice picture 🙂