What Happens When Your Child Gets a 500-Piece Puzzle?


Our almost four-year-old daughter loves puzzles; she’s done puzzles up to 60 pieces. For Christmas, her sister got her a puzzle with 500 pieces of cute kittens in a horse barn.

Now a 500-piece puzzle has “overachievement” written all over it, but what’s life without challenges, right?

In the afternoon all four of us started off by sorting the edges from the non-edges and then building the puzzle frame. After we were done with the frame, we moved on to the inner part of the puzzle.

There were a lot of funky-looking pieces and we didn’t get very far before it was bed-time for the kids.

What happened after the kids went to bed?

Here we are (Mom + Dad) at 10:32 pm, halfway done with the puzzle.

11:23 pm. Can’t stop. Must finish…

12:41 am: DONE and done.

Shout-out to our friends Mimosa and Bourbon, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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