When Your Son Thinks He’s a Dog

There’s no way to avoid it, kids are curious, gross little creatures.

Just when you think your precious little cupcake couldn’t top their latest and greatest display of grotesqueness, you find out they have other vile tricks up their sleeve.

This past Thanksgiving, our dog had a litter of puppies. This was the first time my family had the beautiful experience of birthing and raising pups—at least, that’s how I viewed it at first.

One day my son and I were playing with the pups and their mom.  I saw my son bending over the mother with his head down. I asked him what he was doing; that’s when he lifted his head, smiling, with milk dripping down his chin.

I screamed so loudly, I scared myself. Using everything I had to prevent myself from vomiting, I explained to my son why it isn’t “okay” to nurse from the dog.

I’m happy to report that my son hasn’t tried nursing off the dog since. But I’m sure this isn’t the last unusual and disgusting experience I’ll go through with him.

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