Best Moment of the Year

mom and daughter

After successfully completing another big conference for moms, MomCom–this one national (whoot whoot!)–this mom finally got some free time to unwind and reconnect with her patient daughter. This is how the moment went:

My daughter as she’s putting her feet between my legs while we’re reading in bed: I’m not cold. I just haven’t seen you in weeks and I want to hug you with everything I can.

Me: I’m really proud of you. They said I must be doing something right because you are a really great kid.

Daughter: I know what you’re doing right.

Me: Oh yeah, what’s that?

Daughter: Everything.

It just doesn’t get better than that folks. Really. It just doesn’t.
Trish Morrison runs the MomCom conference for mother entrepreneurs, where the motto is: when the going gets tough, pull up your big girl panties and #MomUp!

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