Bad Lyrics/Good Mom

Some rights reserved by csuspectI’m not going to lie and pretend that I’ve never used obscenities in front of my child. But for the most part I edit myself.

Recently my daughter asked me to play some music while we were having our morning routine. On top of the stack was the band Cake’s CD, Fashion Nugget. Cake always seemed pretty innocuous to me, so I popped it in and she began to dance.

I was enjoying it until the song “Race Car Ya Ya’s” came on and I heard:

The land where large fuzzy dice
Still hang proudly like *testicles*

Once you become a mother, things you never noticed before suddenly smack you in the face.

But since testicles isn’t a swear word, I decided to just leave it alone. She didn’t seem to notice and probably doesn’t know that’s a word that might shock some people on the lips of a four-year-old girl.

So we continued listening. Then “Nugget” came on. I couldn’t get to the CD player fast enough as the chorus blared:

Shut the f**k up.
Shut the f**k up.
Learn to buck up.

Well, at least I have a great story to tell when I get that letter sent home from school.

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