Wild Family: This Super-Scary Thing We Do

Wild Family

I met my wife, Kate, when her son, Daniel, was almost two. It felt like a family from the beginning, complete with hill rolling, kite flying, a bubble machine, and peas in my water glass. Kate and I were married in the same year we met, and our daughter, Rosalie, quickly joined us. Then came the perpetual messes, screams in car seats, sleepless nights, diaper hell, and arguing. Our third child arrives this fall.

I used to think I’d be a natural dad, but it’s been hard for me to find my groove. I’ve invested in relationship counseling, psychotherapy, parenting coaching. We have a shelf-full of books on parenting, but it feels as if each one only worsens the pressure I feel to perform at my best at all times. But how’s a guy supposed to perform at his peak when he’s stressed about bills, low on sleep and sex, knee-deep in laundry and dishes… and all he wants to do is play the guitar, but he can’t because his kids are in bed?

To try and find some balance, my wife and I are setting out to reclaim the wild part of ourselves we’ve kept hidden from the world—the same part we’ve been trying to resist in our kids. We’ve decided to stop acting like people we’re not and start being real. We’re learning to cherish the wild part of who we are, and we’re committed to cherishing the wild part of our kids too.

If possible. We hope it’s possible. We’re making scary moves right now to prove it’s possible.

In fact, we’re making a documentary, “Wild Family,” about the ways parents connect with the wild inside themselves and their kids. Ow-ow-oWoo!

This film has to do with how families enjoying the outdoors, but it’s also about getting into the core of human nature, and the natural environment. We wonder: is there’s a tie-in with the “nature” of our outdoor surroundings and the “nature” of the inner aspects?

“Wild Family” will feature a road trip with a seven-month-pregnant “mama,” an under-employed “dadda,” a headstrong five year old, a teething one year old, and a baby on the way. This is our family. Wild, right?

We trust the film is bigger than us, and its impact will be awesome (for all who see it). This project requires a ridiculous amount of effort and investment on our part. The opportunity feels like a godsend sometimes. Other times it feels like a crisis.

Kind of like being a parent.

Cabe Lindsay is an art director. Kate Lindsay is a health coach. Together, they run a family-focused video production company in Austin, Texas called Ahstin®. They’re looking for families to include in their documentary—could it be yours? 

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