Too Much Information?

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As I was picking up my five-year-old daughter from preschool, one of her teachers pulled me aside and starting speaking in a quiet tone, as if she were telling me something in private. I immediately got that fear of, “what embarrassing thing did my daughter say?” Did she drop an “F” bomb? Did she hit another kid? Did she tell her teacher that I cry during Frozen when Anna sings “Okay, bye,” because she desperately misses her sister? (I’m emotional, don’t judge.)

Nope. What my daughter said was completely medical. She was pretending to be pregnant (we have three pregnant women in our family, so it gets talked about often), and at one point said, “My water broke.” Her teacher thought that was “too much information.”

Is the actual breaking of the water kinda messy and gross? Yes. It happened to me at 8:15 AM on a beautiful Friday morning in September of 2008. I’ve told my daughter the story of her birth day a million times. I didn’t describe to her that little gushes of water come out every few minutes, or that I felt them for hours before getting an epidural and numbing myself out of the 14 hours of pain.

While I have no intention of discussing placenta eating or post-birth bleeding with my preschooler yet, we have talked about babies breastfeeding and yes, the fact that sometimes your water breaks. While the good ol’ fashioned stork might work for some, my girls are going to get the truth… at ages that feel appropriate.

Thank goodness my five year old didn’t describe how the baby got in her tummy at school… now THAT would have been too much information.

Jennifer Peters is a mom with two preschool-aged daughters. She’s worked in radio for more than 15 years. You can read more parenting stories by Jennifer in her blog, Break For Moms.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Definately not too much information, and I cry during Frozen too!

  2. MOM2Three

    It may be TMI for the teacher but you know you’re doing it right when your child’s so well informed about how it all work, and how she got here.