The Main Attraction – A Twins Story



During the shock of finding out I was going to be a father of multiples, I didn’t realize that my wife was also giving birth to the hottest attractions for the casual passerby to “ohhh” and “ahhh” at.

In fact, when in public, the only people who don’t seem to acknowledge our existence are the other families with twins. Surprise, right?

Maybe after wading through countless people asking, “Twins?” we don’t have the energy to jump in the air and shout “Twin life!” while hitting a mid-air high five. No, usually our eyes stay averted, gifting each other with a moment of tranquility that is quickly interrupted by the next couple seeing twins for what must be the first time, ever.

My kids are more interesting to look at than exotic aquatic life.

It wasn’t just the stingrays that day. The penguins lost too. As did the beluga whale. And the seals. Even the sharks paled in comparison to the wonder of twins. Someone call The Discovery Channel and tell them they need to produce a Twin Week.

No matter how much the penguins waddled or the seals bobbed their heads, no one took notice. They were too busy looking at the extraordinary sight of twins! A real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

This is an excerpt of The Main Attraction by Briton Underwood, an essay from Multiples Illuminated: A Collection of Stories and Advice from Parents of Twins, Triplets and More, and has been republished with permission. To read the rest of this essay and more amazing multiples stories, buy your copy of the book here.

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