First Day of School, Here So Fast

First Day of School

It was finally here, that moment I had been counting down to all summer long: The first day of school. At the end of May it seemed so far away, but mid-August came quickly.

My daughter was bouncing off of the walls as she talked ninety-to-nothing about school. I almost shushed her so she could eat her breakfast, but I knew Kindergarten was already going to be a big adjustment for her.

She was going to have to sit still and be quiet. I didn’t know if my spunky five year old could do that, so I decided to let her jabber through breakfast.

I pulled the heavy door open to the elementary school, and hurried my daughter inside. The familiar smell of the school filled my nostrils, the mugginess surrounded me, and my mind wandered back twenty years ago to my first day at this very school.

Twenty years ago, I was scared, nervous, and excited. It was my first day in this Alabama school, and it was so very different from the Wyoming school I had moved from. It was a cultural shock, but the teachers were welcoming and warm. My first teacher was now the assistant principal, and although a lot had changed, the culture of the school was the same. The school was still full of wonderful, loving teachers who wanted to help the kids learn.

As I walked down the hall to drop my daughter off for her first day of school, I smiled and waved to a few of the teachers who were still teaching in the same classroom. I heard familiar voices, excitement in the kids’ voices, and worry in the parents’ as they said their “goodbyes.”

I choked back a few bittersweet tears as I approached her classroom. I knew my daughter would be in good hands. I knew she was growing up and this was the first of many “first days of school.” I just didn’t expect it to be here so soon, or to feel like this.

My daughter looked up at me and said, “Bye Mommy! Love you!” and started to run into her classroom. She looked back and told her little sister, “Bye Little Bit! See you later! I have to go to school now!” And with that she was gone.

Megan Strickland is a frugal, couponing, stay-at-home mom to two girls. She enjoys finding deals, and breaking them down into small, easy-to-do scenarios to help others learn to save money. You can find her at Frugal Finds During Naptime.

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  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    I thought it kind of cool that your daughter is going to the same school you attended! How neat is that?! Her parting words… so sweet.

    Loved this! Happy school days.