Clear or Transparent

If I have to go to Walgreen’s one more time to buy tape I’ll strangle myself. I would strangle the kids but I’m not sure I have time to go to prison. I say the kids, because it’s they who steal my tape.

They tape everything. It’s on my new carpet, toothpicks, and all the army men. What the tape is supposed to do is beyond me. But okay. If they like it so much, I’ll just throw a couple of rolls into their Christmas stockings this year. Santa gives tape right?

While I’m at it, I’ll stop over to McDonald’s and speak to the manager about putting tape into the Happy Meals instead of useless, boring toys.

I’ve tried to hide the rolls of tape. The kids know every single one of my hiding spots though, so forget that. I need a high place, a high shelf that even they can’t reach. Wait a second… I can’t reach the LOW shelves either so I give up. I can’t win. The kids win again. Darn it all, they are smart.

Maybe what I need is a new house. I could find new places to hide the tape and maybe the kids would get so lost in a bigger house that they would stop worrying about where the next piece of tape is going to come from, and start worrying about which room is theirs.

I just had a revelation: What am I worrying about tape for? The kids could have grown way fond of GLUE, and then wouldn’t I REALLY be in trouble? Glue on my new carpet, glue on tabletops and toothpicks, and glue on the army men. Well, glue on army men isn’t so bad I guess but still… let’s just stick to the tape.

I guess I’ll just keep waiting for the Sunday paper to see if Walgreen’s is having a 39-cent sale on tape. Remember, mothers of tape lovers… limit of three.

That never stops me though; I will just go back on Tuesday to get more. If Walgreen’s is out I will try CVS.
Mom of three grown boys ages 25, 20, and 18, Dianne Rothenbuehler has many stories about great moments in parenting. She works full time as a school nurse.

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