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Kindergarten: Harder on a Mom Than Childbirth

I always swore I would be one of those moms doing cartwheels over my newfound freedom when my first-born child started kindergarten, but now I understand why tears are the ritual for so many moms this time of year.

Every time I think about my baby boy starting kindergarten, I go into denial. He’s the one who

Morning Comes Too Early

The cell phone alarm chimes at 6 a.m. I can never locate my cell phone at 6 a.m. At some point in the night the phone fairy came into my room and moved it like a chess pawn.

I find the source of my annoyance and slap it to “SNOOZE.” Eight more minutes of blissful sleep.

But 6:08 a.m. rolls around. It’s time to wake the sleeping bear.

There was a time when I couldn’t wait to wake up my son, even for all of the hell he put me through as a newborn, toddler and preschooler: The countless hours of wakefulness during the middle of the night. The days when he decided he was simply done with naps. The nights when he just wasn’t tired and insisted on staying up. “Just five more minutes, PLEASE?”

Walking him back to his room, I would chant over and over again: “I can’t wait until I

First Day of School, Here So Fast

It was finally here, that moment I had been counting down to all summer long: The first day of school. At the end of May it seemed so far away, but mid-August came quickly.

My daughter was bouncing off of the walls as she talked ninety-to-nothing about school. I almost shushed her so she could eat her breakfast, but I knew Kindergarten was already going to be a big adjustment for her.

She was going to have to sit still and be quiet. I didn’t know if my spunky five year old could do that, so I decided to let her jabber through breakfast.

I pulled the heavy door open to the elementary school, and hurried my daughter inside. The familiar smell of the school filled my nostrils, the mugginess surrounded me, and my mind wandered back twenty years ago to my first day at this very school.

Twenty years ago, I was scared,

How I Won the Morning School Rush

It’s Thursday morning. I’m in the bathroom doing my morning things. Time to flush and mush!

My kids haven’t had a full day of school since last Friday thanks to winter storm Wilfred or whatever. Today’s the day, though. They are back in session, baby. A productive day awaits. I might even get a chance to scrub the tub. I’ve got ricotta cheese and turkey meat. I’ll be making lasagna for dinner. Cheese. Oh yeah.

I flush, wash my hands and go pour coffee. The radiators are scorching. But outside, it’s five flipping degrees. I tell my middle child to “put on freaking coat.”

BAM! Middle child slams the door as he leaves to catch the bus telling me how horrible I am for making him wear a jacket.

And returns through the same door three minutes later to tell older brother, who’s standing there with three pieces of bread clenched between his teeth,

New Kids On The Block

I have four kids and they all started new schools this year. When my youngest son told me (in tears) the kind of first day he had, I admit, I shed some tears of my own.

It was the classic new-kid-on-the-block (not the band, but I love you Donnie Wahlberg) syndrome.

Recess included walking around by himself. Kids ignored him and he ate lunch alone at his desk. The worst part? His teacher had a life-size cut out of Taylor Swift sporting a “Welcome” sign at the door of the classroom. I have no words for this.

Attending a new school is hard on most kids for obvious reasons and starting over isn’t always the most enjoyable of hobbies.  I understand the stress since I changed schools seven times, although I realize it’s more difficult now with the pressures kids face on a daily basis.

These last few months, I’ve been figuring out (the hard

Surviving the Morning Child

Beep beep beep beep.

A grumble and a groan, another day of this crap.

It’s the daily face off: Not-a-morning-person vs. the-morning-person.

I’ve never been one to enjoy mornings. Bring me my coffee and back away slowly.

I have never bounced out of bed, ready to start my day. The alarm going off is greeted with a curse word and slapping in the general direction of the alarm clock. Coffee allowed me to get out of the house before 7AM, in a somewhat good mood. Well , it did before having a kid. Coffee earns its nickname name “liquid sanity” since I became a mother.

Why, oh why, then was I cursed with a morning child? This child is awake and singing at 6AM. My first response to that is not very Motherly at all. It’s normally something along the lines of: Shut the F up.

My daughter greets the morning like Cinderella does. The birds’ early

New Home, New State, New School

Today is the first day of eighth grade for Andrew and third grade for Jack. I’ve been preparing for weeks. Mainly by worrying about how the’re adjusting to our new life here in Virginia.

The schools here are big and unfamiliar. There’s no one to watch out for my babies if they get lost or forget their lunch money.

I especially miss our home town of Dublin, Georgia today. It fit us well, like comfy old sweatpants. Richmond, by comparison, is a stiff, new pair of skinny jeans I bought planning to lose ten pounds. It’ll be great, one day, with hard work and discipline.

At 6:22, I hear Andrew stirring around downstairs. By the time I stumble into the kitchen, he’s eaten breakfast, made his lunch and is installing new gutters on the outside of the house. I’ve never met a kid so naturally responsible. Where did he come from?

7:00 and Jack

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…you’re doing the “happy dance” each day after drop off!

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…you think to yourself: I could actually take a sick day and enjoy it!

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…there is significantly more hope I can take a crap now that I have only a one-child audience, vs. two.

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…the teacher sends a note home from school for something like this: My kid got in trouble for splashing water in some other kid’s eye. This really happened.

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…you’re counting down the seconds till the first bell of the first day of school and when it does ring, you mistake it for the sounds of angels singing a heavenly song.

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…your kiddo is surrounded by a crop of new germs and kindly shares them with the whole family. So while trying to get out the door on time to make a good impression with the teacher–at least for the first week of preschool–you find yourself picking up a trail of tissues around

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…SAHMs like me are excited about all the kiddie places being empty during the week again!

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…you thought summer was crazy, but now realize it was a break from the craziness that flew by too quickly.

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…the first question out of your six-year-old every morning is, “Is it a school day today or can I stay home?”

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…getting them to sleep isn’t so hard, but getting them to do their reading or homework is like pulling teeth!

You Know it’s Back to School Time When…

…Pinterest is full of cutesy, crafty Back to School gift ideas for teachers, and you didn’t even know that was a thing. And you seriously hope it’s not becoming a thing, because you have a hard enough time remembering to make lunches and toss your kids’ clothes into the dewrinkle cycle in

You Know It’s Back To School Time When…

…you go to Walmart and the first thing you see is a list of “School Supplies” that you have to buy for the year.

It’s back to school when…Pinterest projects get finished!

…Pinterest projects get finished!