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A Simple Trick: Birthday Harmony

I was always amazed at how excited our friends’ kids were about each other’s birthdays. The answer was simple: on any child’s birthday, they would give a gift to their siblings too. That way everybody got a present and looked forward to each other’s birthdays.

Okay, so it costs a little

A Simple Trick: Kid of the Day

We’ve all suffered through watching our little ones fight for supremacy. Before locking them in their rooms or tying them up with duct tape, try this:

“Kid of the Day” is a remedy for kids fighting over the silliest things–iPod headphones, favorite toys, the remote control. We were skeptical, but with four kids, “Kid

“Before” and “After” Lacrosse Camp: Success!

Shelter from the Storm

They’re still in it together, my twins… currently helping each other get through their college years at the same university. Their love and friendship hasn’t faded a bit. And neither has my memory of them walking away from my wife and I, 15 years ago, into their first day of

Positive Parenting, or “What’s Wrong with Your Face?”

As a mom, I spend a lot of time trying not to feel how I’m really feeling, because I know my kids will behave better if I set a positive example. That’s positive parenting, right? The mom sets the tone for the family. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” the saying goes. So I try to start each day on the sunny side.

My eight year old tells me Go Away when I try to wake him. My seven year old wakes up but runs downstairs, buries his head in the sofa cushions and tells me to leave him alone. Oh, they’re still tired. They’re just a little cranky. Everything will be better once they have breakfast. Positive thinking!

Over breakfast, the complaining begins. “My bagel is too dark.” “I don’t like when there are bubbles in my milk.” “Seriously, we only have cinnamon Pop-Tarts?” By the end of breakfast, I’ve a chewed a large hole in the side of my mouth and it’s begun to swell because I’m trying not to raise my voice while maintaining a smile and a positive attitude.

The food needs to get to their brains, I remind myself. I send them to their rooms to dress for the day and the fighting begins. Younger son won’t get out of older son’s room. Older son uses younger son’s toothbrush. “Please go to your own rooms to get dressed, “ I direct, remembering to use my manners.

Now younger son informs me that he can’t wear the shirt he insisted I buy him last week, because this week the character on it is no longer cool. When I explain that he has to wear it because I don’t have another clean shirt for him, he asks, “So, what do you do all day anyway?” Before I can open my mouth to ask him if he’d like to start doing the laundry, I’m interrupted by older son, who’s running around the house yelling, “Your mother eats gym shorts!” at the top of his lungs, laughing hysterically. Of course he’s completely naked.

Definitely Not Cut from the Same Cloth

People sometimes mix up my twin girls because they look alike. But once you get to know them, you’ll never confuse them again. For example:

Twin A is in bed snuggling with me. “You’re the greatest girl,” she tells me out of the blue. “No, you’re the greatest girl,” I say. “No, you

This Still Leaves Room for “Speaking Evil”

Jealousy Lives Anywhere

While staring down at her younger brother’s vomit, my six-year-old daughter says, with a hint of jealousy, “He had popcorn?!”


All You Need Is Love

Last night at dinner, in the middle of a conversation between my  two-year-old daughter and my four-year-old son about how much they love each other, my son looked at me and said, “All you need is to love yourself.” It was like one of those moments that happened but didn’t

Never Too Old to Play

As a kid, I had a huge imagination. I had an imaginary best friend named Zoey May, I used to pick tiny wild flowers for Barbie’s bouquet, I’d use shot glasses for her flower pots, I’d even mold gum wrappers around my finger so Barbie could have champagne glasses. I thought my

Will You Please Be Quiet Please!!

Twins in a minivan

We’ve pretty much given up on getting our three-year-old twins to nap at home. So if they really need a nap, we load them in the minivan and go for a drive. This usually knocks them out like a light and sometimes I even get work done on

That’s the Spirit!

My son to his little sister, while ripping a toy out her hands: “It’s the season for sharing!”

Sick Day

Sisterly Love

 I’m not fooled by their daily sisterly rivalry, including but not limited to: shoving, screaming, scratching and calling each other “poopie diaper.” I’m able to cope with such drama and catty nonsense because I know the truth about how they really feel—it is so clearly revealed in the way they sleep.

What Kindergarteners Say 2

“I hate my sisters. I hate them more than tomatoes.”