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The Kids Hijacked My Playlist

My commute used to be quiet “me” time–listening to NPR, an audiobook, or a few favorite songs to help me enjoy a moment of zen. It was the time between commitments and demands.

Now my commute–all 90 minutes of it–goes like this:

Twin A: “Mommyyyyyy, I said I want to hear ‘Electric Avenue’!!”
Twin B:

Alles Klar?

We all know kids are listening attentively to things we say, especially when we’re absolutely 100% certain that their ears are nowhere near enough to pick up the sounds.

One of my first experiences with my daughter’s listening skills came when she was about two years old. My wife had left the house

Caroling with an Ornery Toddler

I was driving with my three year old in the car. He was happily singing songs and started in with, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very…,” until he forgot the words. In frustration he screamed, “I can’t remember!”
I tried to prompt him with “…shiny nose.” Still frustrated, he screamed, “No!

Bad Lyrics/Good Mom

Fuzzy dice hanging off the rear view mirror of a 1948 Desoto

I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’ve never used obscenities in front of my child. But for the most part I edit myself.

Recently my daughter asked me to play some music while we were having our morning routine. On top of the stack was the band Cake’s CD, Fashion Nugget. Cake always

Busted by the Lyrics

I was talking to a bunch of moms on the playground one day when my four year old went running past, screaming at the top of his lungs just two lines from a new song I had been listening to a lot.

“Drunk girls!! Drunk girls!!”
I nervously smiled and hoped the other

Condom Style! (Better Safe Than Sorry)

Claire singing: “Whoop em condom style!”
Me: “Claire, it is Gangnam Style, not condom style”
Claire: “What is a condom?”
Me: “Something men use so they won’t make babies”
Claire: “What is Gangnam?”
Me: “No clue”
Claire: “What if Gangnam is something bad and I am singing it? I am going to keep singing condom style.”

Better safe than