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Smile! = Fake Smiles

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree… and Getting to Hold a Big Saw

The Road Trip That Goes On and On and On…

Traveling to my parents’ home for Christmas, we were stopped for barely speeding. While the officer was writing out the ticket, he suddenly ran back to his car, then announced, “You’re in luck. I’ve been called to an accident.”

When my husband tried to restart our car, it wouldn’t start. He rattled around under

Keeping Their Halloween Decorations Up

A cemetary on a cloudy

While on the east coast for Thanksgiving, my five-year-old son saw his second graveyard (probably ever) and said, “Wow, are they still decorated for Halloween?”

Christmas Magic

My three-year-old son fell asleep in my arms as we listened to Christmas carols in the dim glow of his night light. I noticed that he still sticks out his lower lip as he falls asleep like he did when he was a baby, and I stopped and held him a little

The Christmas Card Pic We Didn’t Use

We tried to snap a picture of our normally easy-going, very photogenic & smiley 2 year old, Utah. He had other plans. Ha!


Child puts star on Christmas tree

Christmas Card Out-Take

Jesus’ brother?

Jesus with sacred heart

Me: You look handsome!
Six year old: I look like Jesus, and you look like his son.
Me: Jesus didn’t have any sons.
Six year old: Why do they think that Jesus had a brother?


Okay, let’s start from the beginning…

Outgoing Mail

When there’s no tree, decorate dad!

That’s the Spirit!

My son to his little sister, while ripping a toy out her hands: “It’s the season for sharing!”

Caroling with an Ornery Toddler

I was driving with my three year old in the car. He was happily singing songs and started in with, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very…,” until he forgot the words. In frustration he screamed, “I can’t remember!”
I tried to prompt him with “…shiny nose.” Still frustrated, he screamed, “No!

Cross-eyed Christmas

Christmas Quotes

Young girl cozy in bed

My nine-year-old daughter had gotten in bed without doing something she was supposed to do. When I told he she had to get up to go complete her task, she replied, “But Mama, I just settled down for a long winter’s nap!”
Ugh. That’s what I get for sharing literature!

Daughter from Another Planet

Flying saucer in the night sky

We’ve always thought one of our daughters may have come from another planet. She confirmed it this morning when we were looking at a small snowman figure:
What’s this?
A snowman.
How do you say it in Spanish?
I guess “Hombre de Nieve.”
Well my people call it “Emmo.”

When the ship comes for her, we’ll be ready.

Oops! Letting Santa and the Easter Bunny out of the Bag

Some rights reserved by Christopher S. Penn

WARNING: Is Santa Real? Alert; Not for Young Eyes.
When I was around eight I was in the car with another child my age and we were arguing the validity of Santa. She kept saying he did not exist, and I tried to avoid this because I knew he was real. I was

The Good News and the Bad News

Black and white picture of a sad little boy riding in the car

I’m a busy mom, and the holidays mean more craziness in my schedule. It all came to a head this weekend, when I was trying to spend “quality time” with my three-year-old kiddo while his daddy worked on a home improvement project. The local Children Giving to Children parade was a greatly

A Thanksgiving Dad Will Not Forget

It was my baby girl’s first Thanksgiving with her extended family. I was excited to potentially get some help from my baby’s grandma, aunts, uncles and her cousins (all boys between 5-11).

The boys were excited to see her for the first time. They were very rambunctious with her. They passed her around, wrestled with her, tossed

A Daddy and Daughter Halloween Date

There are hundreds, or thousands or possibly even millions of Halloween costumes that my kids could wear and look adorable in. Right now, The Youngest walks around in her owl costume making the growling noises of a dragon because the owls where we’re from are apparently deranged. Her costume is otherworldly cute.