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Twin Locomotion

twin locomotion

Baby’s First Umbrella


This Bear Goes Everywhere

bear goes everywhere

The Downside of Being a Twin: Grocery Carts

The Downside of Being a Twin

Play hard or go home.

play hard

Professional Photo Shoot Fail

photo shoot fail

Who Says I Can’t Fit in the Doll Crib?

Who Says I Can't Fit in the Doll Crib?

Rough Night Last Night

Too much apple juice?

So Cold!

So Cold!

Into everything.

Into Everything



I was cooking dinner one night while my 18-month-old daughter played in the kitchen with pots and pans. Suddenly I heard an urgent “Help! Help!” but when I looked around I couldn’t find her. I could hear her voice so clearly, but couldn’t see her anywhere. I called out her

babies in balls


baby in a box


baby stuck in a bath chair


babies in a basket

Did someone order babies?

long day baby