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A no-judgement zone!

Great Moments in Parenting is a website where parents can share the agony and the ecstasy of life with kids. This is a community of moms and dads who understand just how funny (and challenging) it can be to raise kids.

Founder and editor Virginia Woodruff created this blog to serve as a place where parents can laugh about the tough moments together, without worrying about trying to keep up a facade of perfection for other moms and dads.

This site is different because it’s not adhering to one style of parenting, nor is it one person’s blog. It’s a collection of stories from many different parents who are united by honesty and a sense of humor.

— Virginia Woodruff

We invite you to share your:


Share your craziest, funniest, most embarrassing parenting moments. Keep it short and sweet, and don’t worry, this is a judgment-free zone! Usually 100-200 words. Can include a short bio and link.


Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. From utter chaos to sheer joy, share your crazy pictures of life with kids.


Write in from the front lines of parenting. Send us your honest, revealing, humorous essays… and lend some stress relief to the rest of us. Between 500-1,000 words. Can include a short bio and link.


Greatmomentsinparenting.com launched in fall, 2012, and has grown into a well-known touch point for witty parents. In fact, the site was nominated for a SXSW Interactive award in March 2013.

Estimated page views: 20K/month

Facebook Fans: over 8,380
Twitter Followers: over 2,400
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What people are saying about Great Moments in Parenting

Review from a father in Japan:
“Great moment in Parenting” is an anonymous community site with posts of something that you felt was funny while parenting. For example, “ Now I don’t feel anything about talking about chocolate chip cookies even if I’m changing the baby’s diaper!”

Why are they so nice? The reason is the principals of the post are not only HUMOR but also INTEGRITY and HONESTY. You think that you have to be a good man and right person when you raise a child; this community allows you to be honest to say “It is so annoying but there are such wonderful moments when parenting. Thus it gets a reader’s sympathies.”

“Wish this had been around when I was parenting.”

“I have been really impressed by what Virginia Woodruff’s building. You can tell that she’s making an effort to have her site actually be about ‘parenting,’ rather than the typical mom-centric-with-a-couple-of-dad-things-near-Father’s-Day-maybe thing I usually see on ‘parenting’ websites.”

“Your site is wonderful! I am crying as I’m reading one of the essays there. Yes, parenting is some tough stuff. There are days when it truly is all sunshine and butterflies, but most of the days are pretty darn chaotic lately; days when I’m just hanging on by my teeth. Thank you for sharing and giving others a place to share.”

“What a great idea–to offer laughter as solace to parents who feel isolated and stressed in those moments of unnerving challenge. Congratulations!!!”

“Thanks for creating a site where common ground is available for parents.”

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